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Tennessee Fitness Spa Guest Comments 2012


It was such a special gift for you to come and share your enthusiasm and expertise with our guests. Everyone loved you!! I, especially, enjoyed so much our conversations. The time just went by too quickly. We are all looking forward to having you return.

Nancy Shaw- Owner of Tennessee Fitness Spa & Retreat

“I appreciated having lectures in the evening, particularly session II which focused totally on physical fitness.  I love having evening learning opportunities especially when they have to do with health.”

“Mary Quinn gave great aqua classes & motivational lectures.”

“Liked Mary’s pool presence.  Her workout was conducive to large number of participants (and also hair didn’t get wet!!!)”

“Mary did excellent job in water.”

“I particularly enjoyed Mary’s evening lectures, especially the one on exercise.”

“Mary Quinn did an excellent water series.”

“Mary Quinn - Fantastic!!!”

”The lectures by the life coach, Mary Quinn, were helpful and something I have never heard before.”

“Mary Quinn’s presentations were very helpful and informative and inspirational.”

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